Monday, August 18, 2008

The most important campaign this fall...

Is Eat Local for Thanksgiving 2008!

Last year was a huge success and we are anticipating an even greater campaign this year. Stay tuned for more info about the campaign and to learn about how you can get involved.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Website!

Hey! Cascade Harvest Coalition's new website is finally live! Thank you Ryan Fansler from Creative Media Alliance

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NY Greenmarket Manager answers questions

New York Times article/bulletin about farmers markets, etc.

And here's a great article smashing the arguments of some NY Times revered columnists who have lately been trashing the green movement. Fun to read and full of great info and links.

NY Times Grumps Dump on Locavores

But enough about far-away New York! What's going on around here? Well, for starters, our website is finally live! After much work and many hours of incorrectly writing codes and links and what-have-you, we have put together a mostly finished product. One of the benefits of using a Drupal framework is that it allows us to make content changes whenever we like, which means that we'll update and change info frequently. Check it out here.