Monday, June 9, 2008

FoodLust Recap

FoodLust 2008 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone that attended and helped us raise close to $24,000 for Cascade Harvest Coalition, specifically our Washington FarmLink program.

In fact, the only issue at the event was the crummy weather. Sure, most of the attendees were hardened NW natives that aren't bothered by a spot of rain "to keep the dust down", but it seems like we've been mired in a looooooong trend of cold, gloomy and sopping-wet weather. Will it clear up? Traditionally, July 5th marks the true start of NW summer. This year, perhaps not.

Next up for Cascade Harvest Coalition: A visit from the Carolyn Foundation to discuss the Puget Sound Food Project and tour some local farms.


Article Roll-call:

Hedge funds pump money into food production

Cafe Juanita's Holly Smith is the 2008 James Beard award recipient for best chef in the NW

Congrats, Holly!

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