Monday, April 20, 2009

Kudos for Puget Sound Fresh Farm Guide!

Fresh off the press, our 2009 Puget Sound Fresh Farm guide got a thumbs up from Mark Lovejoy, owner of Garden Treasures nursery and organic farm in Arlington. While we always appreciate getting good feedback on what we do, it makes us do a little jig when our local farmers feel supported.

FYI, a PDF version of the Farm Guide is available on our companion website Here's what Mark emailed last week:

"Just took a PDF look at the 2009 Puget Sound Fresh Farm Guide. Looks amazing, great logos, beautiful artwork, and very easy to read and understand with the symbols and the maps.

The guide definitely is the only local print resource many small farms and roadside farms have to get the word out affordably [sic], and to customers who like to do the farm tour thing and eating local.

Great job and well done!"

Thanks Mark. You make us blush!

If you're interested in distributing the guide, contact Mark McIntyre at

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