Thursday, February 14, 2008

Howdy (PSF) Partner!

The word is plastered all over the 24-hour news channels, newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. :


2008 is the year of change. Ambitious, huh? Well, CHC is jumping on the Change Bandwagon.

How will we change? One example will be the revamped Puget Sound Fresh "Partner Program." One of our stated goals for Puget Sound Fresh is to increase the value of the program to the program participants (farmers, chefs, grocers, farmers markets, and consumers).

To start the revamping process, we will focus on encouraging more area chefs and restaurants to become PSF Partners. We will work collaboratively with some of the area's top chefs to build PSF brand recognition with the overall goal that when a person in the Puget Sound region wants a great dining experience made with locally grown food they will be able to quickly seek out our partner restaurants that work with local farmers and serve Puget Sound Fresh food.

Just like that, the ability to access Puget Sound Fresh Food is changed for the better! That's one way that CHC is working to make 2008 our best.


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