Friday, March 7, 2008

Food Lust 2008

Hey gang,

Last Wednesday, Mary, Meg McPhaden, Jerry Toner (auctioneer) and I toured Fall City Farms in preparation for FoodLust 2008. Man, did we pick the best day of the week! Not a cloud in the sky, warm sun and beautiful scenery. Sound cliche? It was. Our experience was the reason that picturesque cliche was created. Needless to say, our excitement for FoodLust 2008 increased dramatically. If the weather cooperates like that on the day of the!
Check out the size of that compost pile! Right where we hold the auction! Don't worry, folks, it'll be cleared and cleaned by June.

As noted above, this year we hired Jerry Toner to organize and run the auction. Jerry has worked, to great acclaim, for many other non-profits and we are very excited to have him aboard our team. Rumor has it that sometime during the auction, party-goers may get a rare glimpse of his famous "Light-up Tuxedo." Hold your breath for that one!

Just like years before, FoodLust 2008 will feature some of the areas finest chefs paired with some of the areas finest farmers to create a multi-course menu that will be the apex of seasonal dining in the NW. It's called FoodLust for a reason, people.

The auction will also have both a silent and live auction, with wonderful items like a dinner for 8 prepared by a noted local chef on the iconic Lopez Island Farm...a rare experience; truly farm-to-table dining!

In addition to all that, FoodLust 2008 will also hold the 3rd annual Dessert Dash and 2nd annual Bottle Brawl. What in the heck are those, you ask? Let's be mysterious and simply say that they involve some of life's most powerful influences: wine, chocolate, money and battle. Find out more later.

Tickets will go on sale at the end of March. All proceeds will benefit Cascade Harvest Coalition. We're still looking for volunteers. If interested, please contact Stephanie Butler at:


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