Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 CSA Directory and Farm Guides

The 2008 CSA Directory is finally here! It's already picked up some press at the Seattle Weekly's Food News and Reviews blog, Voracious. Nice. Someone out in the food writing community is paying attention. I will now read all of Jonathan Kauffman's articles with greater appreciation.

In addition to the CSA brochure, we also have the 2008 Puget Sound Fresh Farm Guides. When it rains, it pours! We will be distributing them around the Puget Sound region over the next few weeks.

In other news:

Here's a video made by a French documentary-maker (documentarian?): "The World According to Monsanto."

An interesting article that explores rising food costs from multiple angles. "Putting your money where your mouth is."

And another article, this one from NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Paul Krugman, that succinctly connects the rise in popularity of biofuels and the current World food crisis. "Grains Gone Wild." One question: yes, replacing land that can grow food with crops earmarked for biofuels isn't a solution, but shouldn't distribution of food also be a primary concern? What's the point in growing food if it never feeds anyone? Previous policy has given farmers the option to not grow food in an effort to balance supply and demand, but in an increasingly global society, where overpopulation and hunger are daily issues, shouldn't efforts be made to grow as much food as possible, so long as an efficient method of distribution is in place to effectively feed people? As I wrote that, I found that I disagreed with myself. Anyone else? Why?

Finally, an interesting study that examines the link between organic agriculture and climate change. If Tim Crosby ever reads this blog, this one's for you. "Organic Farming and Climate Change."

That is all.


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