Monday, April 28, 2008

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Happy Tuesday!

The sun is shining, our neighbor, Seattle Tilth, is gearing up for its annual Edible Plant Sale this Saturday and Sunday and we're getting ready for the Eat Local Now! event this evening.

This post is going to be a brief brain dump. Bear with me.

We mailed the 2008 FoodLust invitations this morning. Buy your tickets here. I really like the final logo design. I think it's memorable, funny and captures a lot of the different elements that the event is about. It looks a bit grainy at the brownpapertickets site, but if and when you get an invite in the mail, I think you'll be impressed.

At the Symposium last week, we picked up a bunch of the "10 Reasons to Buy Local" from Fred Berman. These are a FANTASTIC resource. I'm thinking about carrying them everywhere with me. Any time someone asks me about local food, I can simply hand them one of these concise yet comprehensive handouts, instead of talking their ear off. Plus, the "10 Reasons to Buy Local" has the added advantage of going home with the person, further encouraging the principals it endorses.

The Seattle City Council passes the Local Food Action Initiative.. While the initiative doesn't include many regulations or concrete legal actions, it provides a policy framework from which to build greater sustainability and food security in Seattle.

Here are some links to interesting articles from the last few days:

Clark County Home Grown - An interesting approach to low-income food access and nutrition education.

Looking at the Local Farms Healthy Kids bill in action.

Dan Rather on the impending food crisis.

An example of how "green biz" can help save rural towns.

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