Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A couple quick reminders...

1.) We're smack in the middle of October, which means it's time to take the Eat Local for Thanksgiving pledge. Your friends and family members will thank you for including delicious, fresh food on the holiday table. Your local farmers will thank you for helping support them and their hard work. Your pocketbook will thank you for buying affordable local food that will help sustain our local food economy. And finally, we will thank you by entering your name to win a locally raised heritage turkey or free Organic Valley dairy products for a year. Eat Local for Thanksgiving: it's simple, affordable and delicious.

Take the pledge!

2.) Sign up to hear Michael Ableman speak about the future of food on October 24th from 6-8pm at the Everett Station. It should be a fun and educational talk, with plenty of opportunities to hob-knob with local food celebrities. To RSVP, email Mary Embleton:

More to come later.


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