Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Farm Guide -- Apply for ad space today!

Here's the announcement:

The Puget Sound Fresh Farm Guide, now entering its 30th year of circulation, is the go-to directory in the region for farms, farm products, harvest events and farm-related businesses. Advertising your farm or business in the Farm Guide is an affordable and highly effective way to reach potential customers interested in local food and farming. Nearly 100,000 copies are distributed to potential customers via libraries, coffee shops, farm stands, doctors’ offices, community centers, regional events/trade shows, and more. In addition to the printed edition, the Farm Guide is also available online at the Puget Sound Fresh webpage, which is one of the most visited food and farming websites in the region.

Consumers trust the Farm Guide to be the most comprehensive food and farming consumer resource available. Farm Guide readers will find:

• Farm Listings: up-to-date contact/location info, product availability, and compelling descriptions of the farms and farmers.
• Farmers Markets: locations, operating dates, and what products and events customers can expect to find.
• Seasonal recipes: what to do with that Patty Pan squash you got from a local farm? The Farm Guide has a bunch of useful recipes all from local farmers and chefs.
• Event Calendars: find out what’s coming up in 2009, from county fairs to harvest celebrations to u-pick opening dates and more.
• Your farm or business!

“The Farm Guide is a resource I turn to when I'm trying to track down a particular food, but it's also one of my favorite places to find things to do in summer and fall. Visiting farms during county harvest festivals, getting out of the city to check out some new farm stores--even the ads are a great resource,” says edibleSEATTLE magazine editor Jill Lightner.

Right now, you have an opportunity to secure a spot in the 2009 Farm Guide. Advertise in the 2009 Farm Guide and declare your support for local farms in the Puget Sound region.


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