Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Trends of 2008: a look back

More trendwatching! This time, we're looking back to see what was hot in 2008. A bunch of Seattle-area restaurants are name-dropped throughout the article, including Sitka & Spruce, Cascina Spinasse, Tilth, Sutra, Poppy, Joule, Monsoon, Boom Noodle, Cache (a supper club), Quinn's...whew. Lots of great restaurants, lots of great ideas.

Though, with all of the back-patting and lovely descriptions of strange techniques and innovative dishes, the title of the last trend provides an ominous glimpse into the future: "The Recession Effect." I refer you back to an article written a while back by the Seattle Weekly's Jonathan Kauffman titled "Is Seattle Currently Experiencing a Restaurant Bubble?", which discusses an interesting twist in the story of restaurants and recession.

Seattle has a delicious and, according to the national media, up-and-coming food scene. I'm hoping that it continues that trend, in spite of our nation's economic woes.


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